A modular Python3.6 Discord Bot

A modular Python3.6 Discord Bot

Auttaja's features

Some awesome things that Auttaja includes!

  • Anti VPN
  • Punishments System
  • Fully Configurable Web Interface
  • Voting System
  • Anti Spam  That actually works!
  • The Team

    Kelwing Founder
    Kelwing has 5+ years of professional software development experience, is the original author of Auttaja, and handles the general direction of the project.
    Kaimeera Community Mama
    God Kai
    Tornado Community Manager
    Tornado has run many successful communities and helps give direction to the moderation features based on his experience.
    Vulcan Community Manager
    Vulcan oversees much of the operation of the support server, is responsible for managing the support team, and provides a lot of support himself.
    Arturo ✔ Developer
    Arturo is an 18 year old self taught programmer. He handles a lot of the feature implementation. He hates earthquakes.
    Haden Graphics Designer
    Haden handles the user interface to the bot. Ensures the bots inputs and outputs are sane, and corrects grammar. Also Responsible for the bot graphics.
    SamHDev Developer
    Sam is a self taught Python developer, he handles a lot of the community requested features and bug fixes.
    oskikiboy Web Developer
    Oskikiboy is an expert in web design and is currently working on a full upgrade of the website.
    GG142 Web Developer
    Gilbert is the lead developer of GAwesomeBot and is working with the Auttaja team on a secret new project.